Scientific Programme


The International Scientific Workshop

«Recent Advances in Hamiltonian and Nonholonomic Dynamics»

June 15–18, 2017, Moscow Institute of Physics and Teсhnology,

Moscow (Dolgoprudny), Russia


June 14 (Wednesday
Arrival of participants
June 15 (Thursday)
09.00-10.00 Registration of participants
10.00-10.15 Opening ceremony
10.15-12.50       Lecture session 1 Chair: Sergey Kuznetsov
10.15-10.50 Ivan A. Bizyaev, Alexey Borisov and Ivan Mamaev
The Hess-Appelrot case and quantization of the rotation number
10.50-11.25 Anastasios Bountis
Breathers of Hamiltonian lattices as homoclinic orbits of invertible maps and the parametrization method
11.25-11.40 Coffee break
11.40-12.15 Haris Skokos
Chaos in disordered nonlinear Hamiltonian systems
12.15-12.50 Marco Robnik
Statistical properties of  time-dependent one-dimensional Hamilton oscillators
12.50-14.00 Lunch
14.00-18.00       Lecture session 2 Chair: Anastasios Bountis
14.00-14.35 Sotiris G. Konstantinou-Rizos and T. E. Kouloukas
Grassmann extension scheme: a noncommutative Adler map
14.35-15.10 Sergey P. Kuznetsov
Complex dynamics of Chaplygin sleigh due to periodic switch of the nonholonomic constraint location
15.10-15.45 Pavel V. Kuptsov, Sergey P. Kuznetsov
Hyperbolic chaos in system with multiple delays: numerical test via angle criterion
15.45-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-16.30 Alexey V. Borisov, Alexander A. Kilin and Ivan S. Mamaev
Dynamics of a wheel vehicle with two symmetric wheel pairs
16.30-17.00 Yury L. Karawaev and Alexander A. Kilin
Experimental studies on the dynamics of a spherical robot
of combined type
17.00-17.30 Alexander P. Ivanov
Realization of non-holonomic contact models by Coulomb friction
June 16 (Friday)
10.00-13.20       Lecture session 3 Chair: Marko Robnik
10.00-10.40 Valery Kozlov
Symplectic geometry of linear Hamiltonian systems
10.40-11.10 Nikolay A. Kudryashov
Continuous models for the description of the phonons in crystal lattices
11.10-11.25 Coffee Break
11.40-12.10 Dmitry I. Sinel’shchikov
Lagrangians and Jacobi last multipliers for the Lienard type equations
12.10-12.40 Vyacheslav S. Kalnitsky
The phase space of a mechanical system with singularities
12.40-13.10 Alexander Batkhin
Investigation of the formal stability of libration points of multiparameter Hamiltonian systems
13.10-14.00 Lunch
14.00-17.30       Lecture session 4 Chair: Nikolai Kudryashov
14.00-14.30 Boris Bardin
Transcendental cases in the stability problem of pendulum-like periodic motions of a heavy rigid body with a fixed point
14.30-15.00 Vladislav V. Sidorenko
Some unusual examples of resonance phenomena in the restricted three-body problem
15.00-15.30 Sergey S. Efimov and Vladislav V. Sidorenko
A nonintegrable model describing celestial bodies dynamics in first-order mean motion resonance
15.30-15.45 Coffee Break
15.45-16.15 Dmitry A. Pritykin and Maxim V. Tarasov
Chaotic dynamics of a tethered satellite system
16.15-16.45 Tudor Ratiu and Oleg Smolyanov
Transformation of Feynman type generalized measures and quantum anomalies
16.45-17.05 Alexander A. Kilin and Elena N. Pivovarova
A study of the dynamics of a truncated ball moving without slipping and spinning on a plane
17.05-17.30    Poster session
Evgeny V. Vetchanin, Alexander A. Kilin, Ivan S. Mamaev and Valentin A. Tenenev
Free and control dynamics of a helical body in a fluid
Arnold Ngapasare
A dynamical model for graphene
Ivan A. Bizyaev
The Inertial Motion of a Roller Racer
Tatiana B. Ivanova and Elena N. Pivovarova
Controlled motion of a spherical robot with an axisymmetric pendulum actuator using feedback
Yury I. Khanukaev
Hamilton-Jacobi’s method for systems with communications
17.30-18.30 Excursion to the Museum of History of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering
19.00-21.00 Social Dinner
June 17 (Saturday)
10.10-13.05       Lecture session 5 Chair: Haris Skokos
10.00-10.20 Bob Senyange, Komane B. Mfumadi, Haris Skokos
Chaotic dynamics of the disordered Klein-Gordon lattice
10.20-10.40 Malcolm Hillebrand, Adrian Schwellnus, Haris Skokos
and George Kalosakas
Chaotic behaviour of a multi-dimensional Hamiltonian model of DNA
10.40-11.10 Sergey V. Semendyaev
Slider-crank mechanism as internal mover
11.10-11.25 Coffee Break
11.25-11.55 Andrei Konayev
Towards quantization of argument shift method
11.55-12.25 Andrey V. Tsiganov
Public-key cryptography and integrable systems
12.25-12.55 Sergey D. Glyzin, Sergey A. Kashchenko, and Anna O. Tolbey
Two wave interactions in a Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model
12.55-14.00 Lunch
13.05-14.00       Lecture session 6 Chair: Sergey Kashchenko
14.00-14.30 Sergey A. Kashchenko,  Margarita M. Preobrazhenskaia
Fast Oscillating Solution Asymptotic Expantions for Generalized Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers’ Equation
14.30-15.00 Sergey V. Aleshin, Sergey D. Glyzin and Sergey A. Kashchenko
Dynamical properties  of the Fisher-Kolmogorov equation with a spatial deviation
15.00-15.30 Vsevolod Sakbaev
Averaging of random Hamiltonians and the law of large numbers for maps
15.30-15.45 Coffee Break
15.45-16.15 Pavel E. Ryabov and  Sergey V. Sokolov
Separation of variables for integrable case of the Kowalevski top in a non-Euclidean space
16.15-16.45 Ivan K. Kozlov and Andery A. Oshemkov
Integrable Hamiltonian systems with linear periodic integral for the Lie algebra e(3)
16.45-17.15 Nikolay Shamarov
Secondary quantization of Hamiltonian systems
17.15-17.45 Yuri N. Fedorov
A shortcut to the Kovalevskaya curve via pencils of genus 3 curves  
17.45-18.15  Vyacheslav A. Kurakin and Yury I. Khanukaev
Actual space as Clifford algebra over the field of imaginaries
June 18 (Sunday)
10.00-13.00 Closing Ceremony


* The program of the conference may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.