The main goal of the Workshop is to bring together specialists in mathematics and mathematical physics to exchange experience and knowledge about the recent developments in the field of Hamiltonian dynamics, nonholonomic mechanics and other related areas of science and to stimulate further research on these topics. Special attention will be given to application of the theories to practical problems and computer-aided analysis.

Main topics

  • Hamiltonian mechanics;
  • exactly integrable nonlinear systems;
  • nonintegrability and chaos theory;
  • classical and celestial mechanics;
  • vortex dynamics, fluid-solid interaction;
  • chaos, bifurcation and fractals;
  • Arnold diffusion;
  • fluid dynamics, synchronization, turbulence, solitons;
  • nonholonomic mechanics and control theory;
  • locomotion: mathematical models and simulations;
  • sub-Riemannian geometry and vaconomic mechanics.